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SIAM Chapter Seminar

Saransh Singh
Carnegie Melllon University
Title: Orientation Mapping using Electron Optics

Abstract: Crystals are ubiquitous in nature and forms the basis of almost all engineering materials. Even though the concept of crystals have been around for more than a century, we only have a limited number of tools to probe them. The difficulty arises from the very small length scale of the problem. In this talk, I will show how we study one of these properties (Orientations) of crystals using electrons. I will discuss briefly about the different representations of orientations and how quantum mechanics can be used to theoretically understand and model the whole process. I will compare the calculated results with actual experiments and hope to show how nature can be described with these (relatively) simple equations.

Date: Thursday, December 3, 2015
Time: 5:30 pm
Submitted by:  Samuel Cohn