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Seminar Abstracts

Luisa Mascarenhas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Some geometrical effects in dimension reduction

Abstract: We consider the eigenvalue problem for Laplace's operator in a thin domain, with zero boundary condition, and we study the limit problem as the thickness of the domain goes to zero. We show some geometric effect on the limit problem induced, for instance, by curvature or torsion. A possible physical motivation for this problem is the understanding of the behavior of the probability density associated with the wave function of a particle confined in a thin waveguide. G. Bouchitté (Université de Toulon et Var, France) L. Mascarenhas (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal) L. Trabucho (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)

THURSDAY,April 16, 2009
Time: 1:30 P.M.
Location: PPB 300