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Seminar Abstracts

Pedro Girao, Mathematics Department, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal

"Sign Changing Solutions for Elliptic Equations with Critical Growth in Cylinder Type Domains "



We prove the existence of positive and of nodal solutions for $-\Delta u=\vert u\vert^{p-2}u+\mu \vert u\vert^{q-2}u$, $u\in {\rm H_0^1}(\Omega)$, where $\mu >0$ and $2<q<p=2N(N-2)$, for a class of open subsets $\Omega$ of $\mathbb{R}^N$ lying between two infinite cylinders. We give information on the decay properties of solutions.

This is joint work with Miguel Ramos, of Universidade de Lisboa.

THURSDAY, May 8, 2003
Time: 1:30 P.M.
Location: PPB 300