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Transportation from the Airport

The Pittsburgh International Airport is 22 miles (approximately 45 minutes driving time) from the Carnegie Mellon campus. There are several transportation options to bring you to campus or to your hotel:

* Public Bus Transportation with Port Authority Transit 28X Airport Flyer. The trip cost is currently $3.75 one way. The bus runs every 30 minutes from the airport. The bus will stop at the corner of McKee Place and Forbes Avenue where the Hilton Garden Inn is located. The return pickup to the airport is located at the corner of Fifth (one block north) and Chesterfield Road (one block west) and/or Forbes Avenue and Morewood (campus location).

* Express Shuttle Service. Another viable option is the Airport Express Airlines Transportation Company (1-800-2583-826), which provides a shuttle service between the airport and several hotels/inns in the downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland areas. The fare is about $40 for round trip.

* Taxi service. The average taxi fare from the airport to campus is approximately $55. To arrange for a taxi, call Yellow Cab 412-321-8100.

Hilton Shuttle Schedule

The direct phone number for the van is 412-901-5483.

* Wednesday, May 27
   8:30 AM from Hilton to CMU Frew Street/Porter Hall steps
   5:30 PM from CMU Frew Street/Porter hall steps to Hilton

* Thursday, May 28
   8:30 AM from Hilton to Frew Street/Porter Hall steps
   5:30 PM return from CMU Frew Street/Porter Hall to Hilton
   6:40 PM from CMU Hilton to The Porch Restaurant, 221 Schenley Drive
   9:00 PM from The Porch back to the Hilton

* Friday, May 29
   8:30 AM from Hilton to CMU Frew Street/Porter Hall steps
   1:00 PM from CMU Frew Street/Porter Hall steps

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