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mathematics, mechanics and materials science

Scientific Activities


Hysteresis, reversibility and shape memory
Plenary Lecture: 2011 TMS meeting, San Diego
February 29, 2011
Richard James
Download: TMS_James_11

PIRE Introduction; Variational Methods in Materials and Image Processing
Colloquium: Department of Mathematics, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus
March 8, 2011
Irene Fonseca
Download: PIRE_UPR_Fonseca

Energy-driven pattern formation: a new frontier for the calculus of variations
Courant Institute Graduate Student and Postdoc Seminar
April 22, 2011
Robert Kohn
Document: energy-driven-pattern-formation-talk

The mathematics of wrinkles and folds
NYU Undergraduate Mathematics Society Colloquium
February 2, 2012
Robert Kohn
Document: wrinkles-and-folds-talk

Pattern Formation in a Compressed Elastic Film on a Compliant Substrate
ICERM Workshop on Heterostructured Nanocrystalline Materials
May 30, 2012
Robert Kohn
Document: herringbone-icerm

Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling Methods for Crystalline Solids
Workshop on Heterostructured Nanocrystalline Materials
Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics, Brown University
June 1, 2012
Mitchell Luskin
Download: luskin.icerm12

Theoretical and computational approaches to parallel replica dynamics
Conference on Modeling Soft Matter: Linking Multiple Length and Time Scales
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB
June 7, 2012
Mitchell Luskin
Download: luskin.kitp.june7

Variational Methods for Crystal Surface Instability
Irene Fonseca
Download: Pisa

Materials for the direct conversion of heat to electricity
Knowles Lecture, Caltech
January 27, 2012
Richard James
Download: Knowles

The direct conversion of heat to electricity using multiferroic materials
Workshop on the Potential Threat of Future Power and Energy Technology
Breakthroughs MITRE Corporation
March 28, 2012
Richard James
Download: Mitre

Energy barriers, metastability, hysteresis, and phase transformations
Mathematical challenges of materials science and condensed matter physics:  From quantum mechanics through statistical mechanics to nonlinear pde
Hausdorff Trimester Program, University of Bonn
May 7, 2012
Richard James
Download: Bonn

An invariant manifold in molecular dynamics and its relation to continuum mechanics
Oxford University
May 28, 2012 and
University of Würtzburg
July 11, 2012
Richard James
Download: Oxford_Wuerzburg