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CNA Seminar/Colloquium/Joint Pitt-CNA Colloquium

Pedro Santos
Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisbon
Title: Lower semicontinuity of signed functionals with linear growth in the context of $A$-quasiconvexity

Abstract: We will discuss lower semicontinuity results with respect to weak* convergence of measures for functionals of the type $$I(\mu)= \int_\Omega f(\mu_a)\,dx + \int_\Omega f^{\infty} (\frac{d \mu_s}{d|\mu_s|}) d|\mu_s|,$$ where $\mu=\mu_a(x) dx+\mu_s$ is the Radon-Nikodym decomposition of the bounded Radon measure $\mu$ with respect to the Lebesgue measure, along sequences constrained by a first order partial differential operator of constant coefficients and constant rank.

Pdf File: PedroSantos.pdf
Date: Thursday, September 8, 2011
Time: 1:30 pm
Submitted by:  David Kinderlehrer