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CNA Seminar/Colloquium/Joint Pitt-CNA Colloquium

Toan Nguyen
Penn State
Title: L-infinity instability of Prandtl layers

Abstract: In 1904, Prandtl introduced his famous boundary layer theory to describe the behavior of solutions of incompressible Navier Stokes equations near a boundary in the inviscid limit. His ansatz was that the solution of Navier Stokes can be described as a solution of Euler, plus a boundary layer corrector, plus a vanishing error term in $L^\infty$. In this talk, I will present a recent joint work with E. Grenier (ENS Lyon), proving that, for a class of explicit regular solutions of Navier Stokes equations, this Prandtl's Ansatz is wrong. Time permitting, I will briefly show that even near monotonic boundary layers, the Prandtl's asymptotic expansions are invalid.

Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Time: 1:30 pm
Location: Wean Hall 7218
Submitted by:  Ian Tice