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CNA Seminar/Colloquium/Joint Pitt-CNA Colloquium

Jeff Calder
UC Berkeley
Title: Partial differential equation continuum limits for discrete sorting problems

Abstract: Many problems in science and engineering involve the sorting, or ordering, of large amounts of multi-variate data. A common sorting technique is to arrange the data into layers by repeatedly removing the set of extremal points. Different notions of extremality lead to different sorting algorithms. Two common examples are non-dominated sorting, and convex hull peeling, which are widely used in multi-objective optimization, machine learning, and robust statistics. In this talk, I will present a Hamilton-Jacobi equation continuum limit for nondominated sorting, and a conjectured partial differential equation (PDE) continuum limit for convex hull peeling. I will also present some new numerical schemes for the Hamilton-Jacobi equation, and show how to design very fast approximate sorting algorithms based on numerical solving the continuum PDE.

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2016
Time: 1:30 pm
Location: Wean Hall 7218
Submitted by:  Slepcev